Last Minute Spring Cleaning

Some say I’m a little late to the game of spring cleaning, but it’s better late than never! I’ve realized I am going to have to work a little faster than those who began at the start of spring, but I have some tips and cleaning ideas that will make my spring cleaning just as effective. So, if you’re like me, here’s how to do some last minute spring cleaning!


Revive Drapes

Reviving drapes is pretty simple, so there’s no need to go out and buy new ones. All you have to do is remove the hooks and throw them in the dryer with a clean, damp towel. Put the setting to air-fluff cycle for about 15 minutes. This will give your drapes a fresh and relaxed look.

Clean the Refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator can be a sticky mess, even with soap and water. Salt and club soda is the trick to scrubbing away food and liquid residue. The ingredients found in the club soda and the texture of the salt combined can do wonders for not only the refrigerator, but for stubborn stains on various materials.

Organize the Pantry

Don’t you hate when you find expired and wasted food in the back of your cabinets? This year, organize it so it doesn’t happen again. Place the products that expire the soonest towards the front. If you have items that don’t expire easily, but you use them a great deal, put these items in their own spot to avoid any mix ups.

Declutter Junk Drawers

When is the last time you decluttered your junk drawers? Most likely, there’s a lot of useless junk in there. Get rid of what can’t be used, re-purpose what can and get those drawers clear. For me, old cell phones were occupying one of the drawers. They haven’t been used or needed in quite a long time, so I found a cell phone reseller. GoodCellas gave me a fantastic deal for my old phones! Do you know anyone who will buy the rest of my useless items??

Clean Windows

Rubber-edged squeegees are the way to go. They’re much more effective than a typical paper towel or cloth. It provides a better clean and it’s a product that can be used multiple times, unlike a used paper towel.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Stock up on your best and hardest working supplies. This way, you’ll be prepared for the year’s messes. If last year’s cleaners didn’t get the job done, then it’s time to buy some new ones. Look for reviews and recommendations if you need some new ideas.

Don’t miss these additional spring cleaning tips from a professional: 

Summer Ideas for Kids and the Family

The fact that it’s almost June has me thinking about summer and the fact that my children are going to be home every single day! Between our cafe business, taking care of the house and everything in between, I want to make sure I fit in enough time to enjoy summer with them. Many of my mom readers are probably in the same predicament. Here’s my advice: make a list with your children and get an idea of what they’re interested in doing. Also, add some ideas of your own, moms and dads deserve the same summer fun.

Since our list contains many of these ideas or variations of these ideas, I want to give them some credit and allow my readers the chance to browse through them as well.

101 Ideas –

Fun Ideas – Work at Home Moms

Activities to Keep Busy – Buzzfeed

Enjoying summertime is a part of childhood, so building those memories is important. Here’s a little sneak peek of our list: flying a kite at the beach, creating s’mores with our favorite candies (not just Hershey bars), taking a mini weekend road trip, putting up a tire swing, and visiting at least 2 family members from different states.

Most of our ideas are budget friendly, but we threw a couple daring ones in there! Whether you’re on a budget or not, there are so many summer ideas, take advantage of them!

Before you start your own lists, I want to show you some of the benefits of spending time with your children, even if most of it needs to be done on the weekends or evenings.

-Emotional Bonding
-Fewer Behavioral Problems
-Parents Learn Strengths of Children
-Improves Academic Performance
-Better Communication

I hope you all accomplish your summer lists!
Take a moment to watch this video containing craft ideas to do with your children. It doesn’t need to be summertime to do these! Enjoy them all year round.

Furnishing for My Kids’ Rooms!

youth furnishing

Finding Some New Furnishing That’s Right for Your Home

In my last post, I went on gushing about the value of adding archways to your home. As much as I love talking about those big home-decor altering decisions, this week I wanted to bring up some of the little, special things that I love about interior design. I wanted to bring up a company called Rug and Home, whose website can be located at I recently purchased lovely new bedspreads for my kids’ rooms, and was so happy with them I wanted to mention their name here. It’s not the first time I looked at their site, they have just about any kind of furnishing you could imagine.

The bedspreads were just the first step. I’m looking at the rest of their youth section, and I can already see a bunch of things that would match nicely in their rooms. Even then, it’s really tempting to  explore the rest of the site to get a good feel on what they offer for the rest of the household. There are a few things on there that really caught my eye. I’m sure there are even more because of how expansive their product list is.

Finally, as a last little note, my favorite part of their site is that they frequently feature sales that help mitigate the price on those big-ticket items. Regardless, if you’re looking for anything interior-related, odds are there’s a product on Rug and Home that can fix that niche.

If you found some interesting furnishings for you child’s bedroom, but you’re not sure how to fit it into the rooms design, check out this article I found. In addition to that, you can watch the video below for some extra ideas. Not all of the examples will be applicable to you, but there’s a pretty wide variety there. You never know, something might inspire you!


Teacher Recognition Gifts

As the spring weather continues to get better and better, I’m reminded of the fact that summer will be here before I know it. Every year, I make sure to get recognition gifts for my children’s teachers. The teachers of our school district deserve to know they’re appreciated and valued for what they do for the children every day. As the years go on, it’s tough to find unique and affordable gifts. I’ve done baskets of goodies, gift certificates and flowers, so I think it’s about time to take a different route. If you’re in the same boat as me, take a look at the following ideas:

Fresh and Unique Ideas Worth Looking Into

Apple Paperweight

Affordable Trophies Online

The affordable trophies online from Recognition Source are my favorite, especially the apple collection, perfect for rewarding educators of all kinds. This is a type of gift I know my children would be proud to hand to their deserving teachers. The apple collection is made up of glass and crystal awards and paperweights. A paperweight is both fitting and appropriate for a teacher’s gift, and easy to bring home to cherish for years to come. A basket of goodies, a gift certificate and flowers don’t last forever, but this definitely could. The engraving allows for the teacher’s name, class year and/or school district, making this gift very personal.

Personalized Tote Bag 

We all know that teachers have a lot to carry. From lesson plans and textbooks to assignments and supplies, the load can be heavy. A sturdy tote bag is a gift idea that a teacher would truly enjoy. It’s both useful and thoughtful. This is another idea that will last longer than the usual teacher gifts, something they can bring with them into the next school year.

A Classroom Door Sign
Why have a classroom door with just a number on it? A sign with the teacher’s name on it provides clarity for students and other teachers, and they’re pretty adorable!

A Personalized Notepad and Clipboard

Teachers take notes, lots of them, especially ones with many students. Allow them to jot down notes with ease and in style!

I hope you find these ideas helpful! I am good with ideas for the next few years!
Here is a great back to school idea, or simply something you can do any time to show your gratitude.

A Healthy HVAC Makes a Happy Business


My husband and I are the owners of a cafe. We had always discussed opening our own business once our family felt settled, but it wasn’t easy deciding on the type of business. One thing everybody can agree on is yummy food, so with high hopes, we opened a cafe. It’s been two and a half years and our business is still thriving, but we learned a great deal along the way. Our cafe is actually quite big, with a little souvenir shop in the back, so there was a little more upkeep than we were prepared for.

One thing in particular was the HVAC system. It wasn’t until we started having issues with our HVAC system that we became knowledgeable about commercial HVAC maintenance as a whole. After contacting a friend in the industry, he informed us about emergency AC repair. New York is where he works, but he gave us some helpful advice to find one in our area. He told us how HVAC technicians are used to unexpected events and they take them seriously. Now I realize the importance of keeping up with the HVAC system, especially because I have a duty to my customers and staff. Luckily, it was a normal malfunction, but it’s still not a risk worth taking.

Why it’s Important to Maintain a Commercial HVAC

  • Customer Comfort & Safety
  • Staff Comfort & Safety
  • Health of the Building
  • Air Cleanliness
  •  Perishable Items

The Negatives of HVAC Neglect

  • Loss in Sales
  • Unexpected Expenses for Repair
  • Decreased Staff Productivity
  • Increased Risk of Damaging Assets

How to Keep an HVAC System Healthy

  • Contact an HVAC Company that Specializes in Commercial HVAC Systems
  • Educate Yourself on the Smaller Maintenance Tasks You can Tackle Yourself (if advised)


If your customers or staff members are concerned with the building’s temperature, take it into consideration.

Watch this video for more valuable information!


My Home’s Custom Archways

I may be from Utah, but my favorite thing about my Utah home is my custom archways that came from Texas! Yes, archways can be sent in the mail, they’re DIY archways. I placed one archway in the doorway of my kitchen, but there are other options- window arches, arches above bathroom sinks, etc.

Texas Arch

I’m a big fan of interior design and DIY projects! In my opinion, archways aren’t talked about enough in the world of interior design. I’m going to take it upon myself and share some of the benefits of putting an archway in your home. All of these benefits apply to my home in particular, as well as other archway enthusiasts I’ve spoken with. 🙂

The Archways Way

Increases Home Value. If you plan on selling your home in the future, an archway could help increase its value. An archway or two will help your home stand out to potential buyers.

Changes the Appearance of any Room. An archway has the ability to transform any room. Beautifully designed architecture can do wonders, including making a room look more spacious and allowing more light to shine through in some cases. Take a tight, boring doorway and turn it into something that guests actually look at before walking through it.

The Perfect Place to Hang Decor. The center of an archway is ideal for hanging up decor, such as an attractive light fixture. The archway helps the decor to stand out a little more than it would on a flat ceiling. You can also hang decor on the sides, like candle holders.

Archways are easily found when looking into the history of architecture, especially in Rome. So if you’re looking to create a specific look in your home, or you just want some change, look into archways. They’ve been trusted for years! Here’s a helpful video to help with your decision: